scholarship administrators and technicians to get a degree

Based on the provisions of article thirty-second of a list of scholarships and training for employees of universities, as well as the decisions of the university administration it is essential that those who emitted from administrators and technicians to get a degree to meet the following conditions:

1) to be a Saudi national.
2) does not exceed his age (40) years and the University Council exemption from this requirement.
3) shall not be less appreciated in the year undergraduate degree or equivalent for a rating of "good".
4) have been spent in the service of the University for not less than two years from the date of his appointment.
5) that there will be a direct relationship between specialization that will be emitted and the nature of the work is done.
6) not be less than a calendar functionality of the last two years for a rating of "very good".
7) He must have the acceptance of a scientific institution recognized scientifically.
8) lamps to be accompanied by a mahram for her outside for the duration of Aptaatha.
9) be a specialization within the disciplines contained in the table of scholarship programs five-year plan for the scholarship and female employees, according to the seats reserved for the year in which you want the scholarship.
10) to be within the percentage allocated to the sector which employs the rate of (10%) during the period of the plan or the substitution place scholarship returning from the mission.
11) to be the study of the decisions and field training for those that require specialization.
12) to attend the session "setting of the scholarship," organized by the Centre for development of university education.
13) Hold a degree (400), at least in the TOEFL test or equivalent language tests.
14) should not have been his scholarship and the director of the University an exception to this requirement.
15) that undertakes not only asks the University to set academic position.
16) not to require the party that works out a replacement worker.
17) be a scholarship for professional fellowship of recruits ranked ninth or higher.
18) be a scholarship for a master's degree for certain ranked sixth or higher.
19) approval of the employer on the nomination of the scholarship and the scholarship program is described getting it accepted.
20) not be enrolled in one of the graduate programs at the university.

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